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A big thank you for the site and the plans

1987 • Stockholm
31 oktober 2017 - 15:06
8 Gilla 
Well, this is just a thank you to the people created the plans, running the site and the nice community in the forum.

This site was recommended to me when I started training for my first marathon (which takes place on Sunday) and I just wanted to say that although I jumped into the 4:00 marathon plan late (on week 5) after a nice (not healthy) vacation, I am really impressed but the result of the training program and the helpful stuff I found in the forum.

Regardless of my goal of a 4-hour marathon being met or not, training is a big part of it, the whole journey of tracking your progress in your app, staying up at night reading online about tips and tricks for better running or nutrition, trying new equipment etc and the program I found here made it really nice.
Good variation of trainings, "just-right" difficulty and results I am proud of.

Looking forward to the race, the rest, and then following the 45min Mile program!
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